Defenders Board: ask anyone here anything and you will get an answer!
Defenders Discussion Group: another great site to post a question or make a comment.
Defenders Non-Page: probably the best Defenders site on the web, a great resource.
The Cosmic Defenders: an interesting little site for those who are real Defenders fans.
Amazing Spider-Man Gallery: the ultimate site for Spider-freaks and freakettes. Great page!
The Hulk Library: an absolute must site for all Hulk fans. Great depth and detail.
Comic Book Resource Site: an exhaustive and comprehensive link and resource site.
Defenders: A Commentary: An insightful and poignant look at our favourite heroes.
Doctor Strange: what does the Master of the Mystic Arts do when he is not a Defender?
Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts: an excellent and thorough Dr. Strange site.
Avengers Vs. Defenders: one of the greatest cross-overs, this site explains it all!
Forgotten Comic Characters: a must site (in progress)! But do you remember the one hit wonders?
Defenders Fanfic: What if a fan picked up where the Marvel writers left off after Defenders (Vol. 1) was canned?
Giant-Man: Henry Pym was several super-heroes. Which one was your favourite?
Avengers Forever: custom graphics, character database and reviews. A lot of work put into this site. 

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