Defenders Covers: Other Comic Appearances

The Defenders crossed-over into other comics infrequently. Below are the books in which the Defenders appeared in full cross-over (as in the Avengers-Defenders cross-over) or in which there featured a storyline which affected the Defenders continuity directly. Also included are several pre-Defenders books (which had a bearing on the non-team's formation) and the 1992 Annual Series featuring "The Return of the Defenders". Click on each cover below to see the cover image in a larger size.

Sub-Mariner 22 Sub-Mariner 34 Sub-Mariner 35 Incredible Hulk 126  
Marvel Team-Up 111 Marvel Team-Up 112 Hulk 206 Hulk 207  
Avengers 115 Avengers 116 Avengers 118 Avengers Annual 11  
Doctor Strange Annual 2 Silver Surfer Annual 5 Hulk Annual 18 Namor Annual 2  
Doctor Strange 4 Doctor Strange 3 Strange Tales 5 Strange Tales 6 Strange Tales 7
Solo Avengers 16 Solo Avengers 18 Solo Avengers 20