Please find below each comic book in which The Defenders appeared. By clicking on the title of each book, a complete summary of the story will be found. Each summary also contains information regarding the date of publication, the newstand cost (later the current value of each book will be added), the creators of each issue (ie. writer, artist, penciller, letterer, etc.) what major superheroes appeared (the group changed a lot!) and what nemesis and/or villain The Defenders faced. As time goes by and more space becomes available, each issue cover will be scanned in for you to view. If you can think of anything else that might be interesting to add...let me know!


1. The Day of the Defenders Dr. Strange recruits the Hulk and the Sub-Mariner to battle Yandroth and Omegatron.
2. Nightmare on Bald Mountain! Clea draws the Defenders together to rescue Dr. Strange from Dormammu!
3. A Titan Walks Among Us Two astronauts return from space with an uninvited guest. To protect Earth's children, the Defenders must unite to battle the titan known only as Xemnu!