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"And there shall come a day...a day like no other...the Day of the Defenders!". In 1971, with those words, Roy Thomas, Ross Andru and Bill Everett introduced an amazing new concept to the comics world: Three of Earth's mightiest beings, the Incredible HULK, the Savage SUB-MARINER and DOCTOR STRANGE, Master of the Mystic Arts, combined their power to combat unearthly evil as THE DEFENDERS! Thus was formed the first superhero NON-TEAM, convened at times of grave danger, only to part company when the crisis was over! Aptly described as the DYNAMIC DEFENDERS, the non-team changed personnel many times over the years including such heroes as Valkyrie, Silver Surfer, Hellcat, Nighthawk and Moon Knight...amongst many others. A group of heroes, who could put aside their differences to join only when the need arose to protect the world from the evils which threatened to destroy it.

 *NEW* February 10, 2003: Hey! We are back in business after a year of raising my newborn son.  Well, I have finally added very short synopses of THE ORDER (which I found very disappointing) they can be found here

 -added February 16, 2002: DEFENDERS #35 Chondu undergoes some drastic changes and confronts the Valkyrie! Meanwhile, Strange gets a Russian neurosurgeon to help get Kyle's brain back in his head, but she is more than she appears.

-added December 1, 2001: DEFENDERS #5 (vol. 2) "HEADHUNT!" while Namor races home to regain his crown, Nighthawk, Val and Hellcat battle with the Headmen! Meanwhile, Strange and the Hulk search for answers for the curse.

-added September 24, 2001: DEFENDERS #34 The famous BOZO! issue: Can a small bald headed man with a penchant for the gab defeat the Defenders? He can if he is Nebulon and everyone dresses like Bozo the clown!

-added August 9, 2001: DEFENDERS #33 The Defenders set out to recover Nighthawk's brain and the fawn Chondu is PO'd at his predicament! PLUS: The return of the Celestial Man!

-added August 2, 2001: DEFENDERS #4 (vol.2) and cover. The Defenders get help battling the Pluto's dead soldiers from an unexpected source. Plus! The secrets of the Valkyrie are revealed

-added June 13, 2001: DEFENDERS #32 What did the Headmen do to Nighthawk's brain? PLUS: The origin of Nighthawk as told by Kyle. And, there is a new Headperson...

-added May 20, 2001: DEFENDERS #3 (vol.2) Pluto has captured the team and plans on killing, then resurrecting them as generals in his army of the dead. Plus, the real Valkyrie is revealed.

APRIL 23, 2001: WE HAVE MOVED! After securing the appropriate URL, is on the net. It will take some time to update all the links but in the end, the result should be worth the temporary inconvenience. 

-added April 23, 2001: DEFENDERS #10 and cover, the Hulk vs. Thor! Need we say more? Oh...ok, well the Defenders and the Avengers finally stop their feuding and join forces after realizing the real enemy is the dreaded Dormammu!

-added March 24, 2001: DEFENDERS #31 and cover. The Headmen steal Nighthawk's body and remove his brain! Also, added Defenders #3 (vol.2) cover.  Story to follow shortly.

-added March 7, 2001: DEFENDERS #30 and cover. The Defenders travel to LA to investigate Kyle Richmond's kidnapping and come up against...the dreaded(?) Tapping Tommy! Oh man, what a laugher.

-added February 24, 2001: DEFENDERS #2 (vol.2) is added. The Defenders learn just what the curse that Yandroth spun involves. The heroes travel to northern Canada where they battle Pluto and a former Defender!?

-added February 17, 2001: The Defenders battle along side the Guardians of the Galaxy as the Earth of the future is held in slavery by the Empire of the Badoon. Oh...and is that Val's hubby fighting as a Defender? Check it out in Defenders #29.

-added January 19, 2001: NO MORE DEAD LINKS! Maybe! Added some Secret Defenders covers, as well the Day of the Defenders cover. 

-added January 14, 2001: DEFENDERS #1 (vol.2) is added. They are back! And, this time they are cursed!

-added October 29, 2000: Defenders 19 Doomball! Power Man helps the Defenders search Harlem for a bomb which can destroy the city. Can they find the bomb before the Wrecking Crew does?

-added the cosmic villain who previously pit the Squadron Sinister against the Defenders is back: The Grandmaster! This time, the galactic gambler is up against Prime-Mover, who loves a challenge just as much. The Defenders are pawns in Games Godling's Play in Giant-Size Defenders #3. Did you know that Namor and Daredevil die in this issue?

-added a new homepage image (thanks to Eric for the image!)

-added August 20, 2000: The Defenders meet the mysterious Starhawk, Yondu battles for his life in the Games and the origins of the Badoon are revealed in My Mother, the Badoon...Defenders #28

-added July 23, 2000: Defenders Chronology now complete. See TIMELINE.

-added July 22, 2000: Dr. Strange and Valkyrie go in search of the missing Hulk only to run into the dangerous alien, Xemnu, the Living Titan. Also, Valkyrie is given Dragonfang by Dr. Strange.  The Titan Strikes Again in Defenders #12.

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