Like most superheroes, the Defenders had their share of foes to battle. Some were defeated with ease, while others became repeat offenders. These enemies of the Defenders are divided below into three groups. The Prime Foes, fought battles which were noteworthy in that their outcome had profound effects on the structure of the Defenders. The Minor Villains fought the Defenders for a usually a single battle and more often than not, were never heard from again. The Supporting Characters were normally used by The Prime Foes or Minor Villains to do the dirty work of these groups.

The Prime Foes: These foes have been at odds with the Defenders on more than one occasion or were featured in a story arc which spanned several issues. Often, these villains provided the catalyst for change within the Defenders. Portions of this are still under construction.

Villain Reason for battle Appearances Notes
Yandroth To avenge an earlier loss to Dr. Strange, this sorcerer planned on using Omegatron, a Doomsday machine to destroy the world Marvel Feature #1 Also dies (?) in this issue
Necrodamus Planned on sacrificing Namor to satisfy the Nameless One Defenders #1 Worshipped the Nameless One and Undying Ones
The Nameless One Desired to kill Dr. Strange to avenge his masters, The Undying Ones Defenders #1,3,20 The Undying Ones
Enchantress Turned the Black Knight to stone with a kiss Defenders #4,20 Amora
Executioner Asgardian who does the bidding of his love, the Enchantress Defenders #4,20 Skurge, love slave of Enchantress
Loki Assisted Dormammu in his effort to conquer Earth's dimension in order to regain his sight Defenders #8,9,10,11
Avengers #116,118
Went insane as a result of the Evil Eye's power
Dormammu Set out to use the Evil Eye to allow his Dark Dimension and Earth's to merge Marvel Feature #2,
Defenders #8-11
Avengers #116,118
Destroyed (?) by the Evil Eye's power
Omegatron Designed to destroy the Earth by saying its maker's name "Yandroth" Marvel Feature #1
Defenders #5
Created by Yandroth
Attuma Wanted to conquer Atlantis, partnered with the Red Ghost Defenders #7,8 Enemy of Sub-Mariner
Red Ghost Wanted to conquer Atlantis using controlled sea-life as his troops Defenders #7,8 Ivan Kragoff
The Avengers Tricked into battle with Defenders by Loki Defenders #9,10 Tricked by Loki & Dormammu into battle
Squadron Sinister Sold the Earth to Nebulon in exchange for their freedom Defenders #13,14 Hyperion, Dr. Spectrum, Whizzer
Nebulon Bought the Earth and wanted it covered with water for his own habitation Defenders #13,14,33.34 a.k.a Celestial Man
Magneto Created Alpha the Ultimate Mutant with alien technology to take over the world Defenders #15,16 Teamed with Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
The Blob Assisted Magneto in plot to rule world Defenders #15,16 Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Mastermind Assisted Magneto in plot to rule world Defenders #15,16 Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Lorelia Assisted Magneto in plot to rule world Defenders #15,16 Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Unus Assisted Magneto in plot to rule world Defenders #15,16 Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Alpha Created by Magneto to conquer world Defenders #16 a.k.a. The Ultimate Mutant
Wrecking Crew Destroy Kyle Richmond's buildings in search of a gamma bomb Defenders #17,18,19 The Wrecker, Thunderball, Bulldozer and Piledriver
Headmen Put New York in a nightmare, stole Nighthawk's brain, Defenders #21,31-33 Dr. Nagan, Jerry Morgan and Chondru
Sons of the Serpent Racist organization who threaten to take over the USA Defenders #22-25 White supremists
The Empire of the Badoon Conquerors of Earth in 3000 AD Defenders #26 Enemies of Guardians of the Galaxy
Lunatik Professor Turk (Arisen Tyrk) #61,72
The Presence Rejected by Red Guardian #53-55? #61 (c)
August Masters Defenders #102 used Mindy's telepathy
Mindy Defenders #102 telepathy

The Minor Villains: These villains usually appeared in a single battle and were notable only in that the Defenders were required as a group to defeat them. Portions of this are still under construction.

Villain Reason For Battle Appearences Notes
Calizuma Deceived the Silver Surfer by posing as harmless humanoid ape-like creatures Defenders #2 Led the Warrior Wizards
Queen Casiolena Imprisoned the Black Knight and Enchantress Defenders #4 A minor sorceress
Fragon Follows Queen Casiolena's orders Defenders #4 Queen Casiolena's Conjurer
Cyrus Black To avenge an earlier defeat by Dr. Strange Defenders #6 Used dream creations to attack while he slept
Temax Very powerful Earth Gnome used to battle Defenders (especially the Hulk) Defenders #11 Giant Gnome summoned by Chandu
Chandu Employed by Prince John to usurp King Richard the Lion Hearted during the Crusades Defenders #11 Arabian Wizard of the Crusades
Prince John Wanted to usurp his brother King Richard Defenders #11 Brother of King Richard
Modred Aided Prince John in his effort to usurp his brother, King Richard during the Crusades Defenders #11 Evil Magician of Crusades
Xemnu This white furred alien, the last of his race, continually tries to repopulate his planet with Earth's children Marvel Feature #3, Defenders #12 previously called the Hulk
Power Man Hired by Nighthawk's secretary to protect building owned by Kyle Richmond Defenders #17 Luke Cage, Hero for Hire
Sister Celestia Aided Van Nyborg to sacrifice Val and Strange to allow Nameless Ones entrance to our universe Defenders #20 Mother of Barbara Denton
Van Nyborg With Sister Celestia, tried to sacrifice Val and Strange to permit Nameless One access to Earth Defenders #20 Cult Leader
Tapping Tommy Kidnaps Kyle Richmond and nearly defeats the entire Defenders team in this silly story Defenders #29 Totally lame villain

The Supporting Characters: These enemies were usually summoned by the Prime Foes or the Minor Villains to do battle against the Defenders, or existed in the worlds or dimensions that the villains occupied. This portion is still under construction.

Villain Reason For Battle Appearences Notes
Devil of the Dark Summoned by Necrodamus to slow Defenders Defenders #1 Guards the entrance to Necrodamus' lair
Mindless Ones Guardians of Dormammu's Dark Dimension, intercepted Defenders advance Avengers #118 Live in the outskirts of Dormammu's Dark Dimension
Giant Gnomes Summoned by Chandu to battle Defenders Defenders #11 Defeated by water
The Elf Kills people randomly Defenders #25, 29 Cameo appearances (25,29)
Zinnia Giant robot used by Emperor Goozot to capture Hulk and Yondu Defenders #28 Able to subdue foes with mind control termed "in Thrall"
Emperor Goozot Ruler of a world which features "death-games" as the primary entertainment. Defenders #28  

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