Please find below each comic book in which The Defenders appeared. By clicking on the title of each book, a complete summary of the story will be found. Each summary also contains information regarding the date of publication, the newsstand cost (later the current value of each book will be added), the creators of each issue (ie. writer, artist, penciller, letterer, etc.) what major superheroes appeared (the group changed a lot!) and what nemesis and/or villain The Defenders faced. As time goes by and more space becomes available, each issue cover will be scanned in for you to view. If you can think of anything else that might be interesting to add...let me know!


  1. I Slay By The Stars The battle to stop the sacrifice of the Sub-Mariner by the vile Necrodamus.
  2. The Search for the Silver Surfer Did the Silver Surfer betray The Defenders to the Undying Ones?
  3. Four Against the Gods Doctor Strange attempts to return the Silver Surfer to his home planet.
  4. The New Defender: Valkyrie Rides Again! The Black Knight and Valkyrie help battle the Executioner!
  5. A World Without End? (Cry: Yandroth!) The Defenders battle Omegatron: The Doomsday Device.
  6. The Dreams of Death The Silver Surfer is back but can the Defenders defeat the dreams of a Wizard?
  7. War Beneath the Waves Hawkeye joins the Defenders to battle Attuma and his ally the Red Ghost!
  8. If Atlantis Should Fall Atlantis falls under attack led by Namor? PLUS: Defenders Vs. Avengers Chp.1
  9. Divide and Conquer Defenders Vs. Avengers Chapters 4, 5 and 6.
  10. Breakthrough! Defenders Vs. Avengers Chapters 9 and 10. Thor Vs. Hulk! The teams finally unite.
  11. A Dark and Stormy Knight The conclusion of Defenders vs. Avengers and return of the Black Knight
  12. The Titan Strikes Back! Dr. Strange and Val go in search of the missing Hulk and encounter Xemnu!
  13. For Sale: One Planet...Slightly Used! The Squadron Sinister sells the Earth to the alien Nebulon!
  14. And Who Shall Inherit the Earth? The Defenders and Nighthawk must stop Nebulon from flooding earth.
  15. Panic Beneath the Earth! Professor X enlists the Defenders to help battle Magneto and stop Alpha!
  16. Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant Magneto unleashes the Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant upon the united nations.
  17. Power Play! Valkyrie and the Hulk leave the Defenders, Strange and Nighthawk battle Power Man.
  19. Doomball! Power Man and the Defenders search for a bomb in Harlem, but so does the Wrecking Crew!.
  20. The Woman She Was The Thing joins the Defenders to save Val and Doctor Strange from sacrifice!
  21. Enter: The Headmen! Val deals with her past while the Headmen create a city-wide nightmare!
  22. Fangs of Fire and Blood Val learns about poverty and racism when the team meets the Sons of the Serpent!
  23. And the Snakes Shall Inherit the Earth! Yellowjacket joins the team to save New York from the Serpents.
  24. In the Jaws of the Serpent Power Man, Hellstrom, and Daredevil are summoned to find the Defenders!
  25. The Serpent Sheds Its Skin Who is responsible for the Serpents? Will Val and DD be burned at the cross?
  26. Savage Time! Val and Jack argue while the Guardians of the Galaxy discuss their origin and future!
  27. Three Worlds to Conquer The Defenders voyage to the future to aid the Guardians against Badoon!
  28. My Mother, the Badoon The Guardians and Defenders battle the Badoon Brotherhood and Sisterhood!
  29. Let My Planet Go! Is Dr. Strange dead? Who is the mysterious StarHawk? Will the Hulk be eaten by ants?
  30. Gold Diggers of Fear The Defenders travel to LA in search of the kidnapped Kyle Richmond but meet Tapping Tommy!
  31. Nighthawk's Brain! The title says it all! The Headmen steal Nighthawk's brain and infiltrate the Defenders.
  32. Musical Minds What did the Headmen do to Nighthawk's brain? PLUS: The origin of Nighthawk as told by Kyle.
  33. Webbed Hands, Warm Heart The Defenders confront the Headmen to retrieve Nighthawk's brain. PLUS: Nebulon!
  34. I Think We're All Bozo's in This Book! Nebulon promises the world mind control if we just accept we're all Bozo's!
  35. Bring Back My Body to Me Strange recruits a Russian neurosurgeon who is more the she appears while Val battles the surgically enhanced Chondu!